Growing flowers is at the core of Vervain. The flowers that are grown at the garden inspires our creative process. We create work that is an expression of the relationship between us and the natural world, being inspired by the surrounding landscape and reflecting the changing seasons throughout the year.


We grow flowers for the love of growing, this means we choose exciting new things each year that inspire and thrill us rather than following any trends. We have our staples, things like towering ammi and delicate poppies that we cannot live without. We always strive to push what we do and enjoy growing exciting varieties of plants such as caramel ranunculus and champagne currants. We also endeavour to expand what we grow such as the bearded iris collection or adding just one more shade of yellow to our bursting at the seams rose garden.


Growing flowers does require energy and resources and we are conscious of the footprint we make on the environment in everything we do. From the start we only use natural peat free growing mediums to grow all our seeds and plants in. When arranging flowers we are foam free, using chicken wire and flower frogs and when an event is over we compost all green waste on site to help grow future season's flowers. 

gathered homegrown wedding flowers

We are able to express our wild and natural style because of the flowers we grow, each arrangement is filled with unusual and natural organic forms which give our work an individuality and uniqueness. It also allows to have a wide range of material for our differing client’s needs.

vervain homegrown flowers

We love colour and we are forever trying out new colour palettes, blending vibrant shades with unexpected companions, finding that little touch of mauve and yellow that just ties a colour scheme together. Adding pops of an overlooked shade of blue or subtle hues of red can add a whole new dimension to our floral work. Having all these flowers by our studio means we are forever experimenting and offering something new.