At Vervain we are lucky enough to have the space to grown some of our own flowers. Being based on a farm in the Worcestershire countryside we have the space to grow the flowers we adore and know that you will too.

homegrown wedding flowers

We grow flowers for the love of growing, this means we choose exciting new things each year that inspire and thrill us rather than following any trends. We have our staples, things like towering lacy ammi or papery delicate poppies that we just can’t work without, but then each year we try new varieties, such as our ever expanding bearded iris collection or adding just one more shade of yellow to our (bursting at the seams) rose garden. You can always be sure that your florals will be filled with an array of beautiful blooms.


We are conscious of the environment in everything we do. We only use natural peat free growing mediums to grow our seeds and plants in, and when an event is over we compost all the green waste on site to help grow future season's flowers. 

gathered homegrown wedding flowers

We take as much time seed sourcing, sowing, planting and nurturing our homegrown flowers as we do arranging them. We are able to express our wild and natural style because of the blooms we nurture, each arrangement is filled with unusual and beautiful blooms, giving every piece of work we create an individuality and uniqueness. No two homegrown flowers are exactly the same, just like our couples and briefs.

vervain homegrown flowers

We love colours and we are forever trying out new colour palettes, blending those vibrant shades with unexpected companions, finding that little touch of mauve and yellow that just ties a colour scheme together. Adding pops of an overlooked shade of blue or red can add a whole new dimension to a floral piece. Having all these flowers outside our studio means we are forever challenging ourselves.