homegrown vervain garden roses for wedding flowers
 homegrown wedding flowers 
 gathered homegrown wedding flowers
 homegrown bridal flowers
 homegrown flowers by vervain


At Vervain we grow flowers on our cutting area in the Worcestershire countryside. Our aim is to grow flowers that can't be easily sourced from anywhere else, whether it be unusual vines, delicate garden Roses or bicolour Ranunculus.

We take as much time seed sourcing, sowing, planting and nurturing our homegrown flowers as we do arranging them. Our arrangements only look good if our flowers are of the highest quality.

We are conscious of the environment in everything we do. We only use natural peat free growing mediums to grow our plants and when an event is over we compost all the green waste on site to help grow the following season's flowers. 

 India Hurst with homegrown garden flower bridal bouquet
 vervain homegrown flowers
 vervain homegrown flowers
 vervain summer roses