uk tulips

A love of good foliage

Full of my favourite foliage, amelanchier and currant branches. Foliage is one of the hardest things to source, but it is one of the most important elements, without the right foliage an arrangement just doesn't look as good. 
This spring vase is full of homegrown and locally sourced flowers, tulips and ranunculus in shades of pink, peach and white. 

Homegrown Tulips

During a recent photo shoot with the amazing India Hobson (she's the genius behind nearly all of my website images), she captured some great shots of my small tulip patch. India managed to make it look like a dutch tulip field! 


This is my first year growing tulips as cut flowers. So there were only a few varieties, some great and some not so great, I also had two varieties pop up that were not quite what they were supposed to be...

Below is malaika & orange angelique two beauties that I will absolutely grow again. 


Expect to see even more tulips next year! I am now hooked...