Wedding Table Designs Part 03 - Bringing the garden to your table

Perfect for a small intimate wedding, a wild naturalistic arrangement running the length of your dinning table created invokes the feeling of a garden border. With bold garden roses, large leaved heucheras, delicate wild carrot and honey coloured phlox nestled in the centres.


The rusty browns, deep burgundies and warm golds celebrate the autumn season without looking forced or unnatural.


Adding in edible elements such as vine tomatoes creates an interactive element and also brings another dimension to the arrangements.


Mixed grasses and tall dainty chocolate cosmos add height and texture without creating a barrier between you and your guests.


Adding vines and clusters of garden roses spilling out on the table adds to the wild and natural look, helping to channel that garden feel along the table.

Wedding Table Designs Part 02 - More than just blush...

Choosing just one or two colours for your wedding doesn’t have to mean that your flowers look flat or lost within your venue. Below is an example of a tablescape in simple modern glassware filled with all pink flowers. Other than the odd splash of green every flower in this design is a different shade of pink, drawing your eye up and down the table showing you pink doesn’t have to mean blush.

vervain wedding flowers in pink bottles and glassware

From baby soft pinks, too orangey coral pinks, vibrant hot pink and dirty brown toned pinks, each flower has its own subtle shade of pink and when used all together they become an explosion of colour.


Having a mixture of different sized vessels with varied heights adds depth and interest to the display, adding in taller flowers gives your designs movement while the short flowers like perennial gyp or amaranthus bring texture to the table.


Part 03 will be about unusual colour schemes…

Vibrant red and gold wedding in London

Jen and Scott had a very specific colour scheme for their summer wedding in London, every flower had to be shades of either red or gold.

vibrant red and gold unique London wedding flowers

Jen's bridal bouquet was filled with vibrant bold garden Roses, flaming red Zinnias and scarlet Dahlias, we added touches of gold with yellow and orange Marigolds and blowsy buttercup coloured garden Roses. 

vibrant unique London wedding with red and gold flowers

The delicate buttonholes were wrapped in tonal ombre silk ribbons, each buttonhole slightly different to the last and filled with unusual homegrown garden flowers. 

unique London wedding with red and gold summer flowers
unique red and gold floral table centrepieces for a London wedding

Their wedding breakfast centrepieces were filled with bold red and gold flowers, dotted down their long dining tables, intermingled with single flower stems in tiny ceramic red pomegranates. At the end of the evening a few of Jen and Scott's lucky guests were able to take home a centrepiece, to treasure for a few more days. 

Photographs by Motiejus