Vervain is a floral design studio based in Worcestershire, England. Founded by India in 2014, the studio creates floral work for weddings and events throughout the UK.

India also undertakes teaching at the studio every year for a number of group classes covering various aspects of floral design as well as private 1:1 classes.


Growing flowers is at the core of Vervain. Growing our own flowers gives us a huge range of unusual flowers and foliage not readily available in flower markets. The flowers that are grown with their natural forms and colours changing with each season is what inspires and drives the creative process of Vervain. Our work is about celebrating the natural fleeting beauty of flowers and foliage. We create work that is an expression of the relationship with the natural world, being inspired by the surrounding landscape and reflecting the changing seasons throughout the year.

The natural flux of seasonality and how the flowers are grown is mirrored by the techniques used to arrange flowers by only using renewable materials such as wire and flower frogs to create Vervain’s work.

More information on growing and the garden can be found here.

Vervain Bridal Flower Crown With Late Autumnal Homegrown Flowers

If you are planning your wedding or have a special event coming up please don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact page, we would be more than happy to discuss your event. Alternatively you can email us directly at studio@vervainflowers.com